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Skilled employer-sponsored regional provisional visa 494


  • This visa helps the family member to unite with family. Skilled employer-sponsored regional (SESR) subclass 494 holder who applies separately for a family member joins the primary holder of (SESR) visa.
  • There are 3 different streams in Skilled employer-sponsored regional provisional visa 491.
  • They are:
  • 1. Employer-sponsored stream

    2. Labor sponsored stream

    3. Subsequent entrant stream

  • Commencing from 16-Nov-2019


  • The age limit of the applicant must be below 45.
  • The applicant must be nominated by the approved work sponsor.
  • Should meet the minimum standards of English language tests.
  • Should have suitable skill assessments.


5 years (From the date of visa grant)

Visa Cost:

AUD 4045*

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Skilled work regional provisional visa 491


  • This visa helps the applicants to study, live and work in the regional areas of Australia.
  • In the case of subsequent entrant stream, it allows family members of the skilled work regional visa holder to stay and work in Australian territory or region.
  • Commencement from 16-Nov-2019
  • Regional applicants are given priority while processing.
  • Incentives are allocated for the regional applicants to stay for a longer period.
  • In case if the applicant and his partner live and work in Australia for at least 3 years they are eligible for applying for the permanent residence in Australia


  • The applicant must be nominated by the eligible relative or state/territory.
  • The applicant’s occupation must be listed in the relevant skilled occupation list.
  • The age limit must be under 45.


5years (State-sponsored stream)
Until the family holder visa ends (Family-sponsored stream)

Visa Cost:

AUD 4,045* (for both the streams)

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132-Skilled Talent (Permanent) Visa

This Visa type allows one to establish a new business or develop the existing one in Australia. It has two entry streams:

  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream: This one is for people who have sourced a significant amount of venture capital funding from a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited. (AVCAL)
  • Significant Business History Stream: This stream of Visa entry is for high caliber business owners or part-owners who want to do business in Australia.
  • Skilled talent visa is Australian PR visa.


  • One must be invited to apply for the Visa.
  • Must be nominated by the Australian government.
  • One must have assets of AUD 1.5 million and business turnover of AUD 3 million. (Significant Business History).
  • Must have a funding of at least AUD 1 million from an Australian Venture Capital Firm. (Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream).
  • The applicant should satisfy all the terms mentioned in the Australian PR visa process.



Visa Cost:

From AUD 7855*

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485-Temporary Graduate Visa

Temporary Graduate working visa Australia is for international students who intend to work and study in Australia on a temporary basis after they have completed their graduation from an Australian educational institute. The two main streams for the Visa type are:

  • Post-study workstream
  • Graduate workstream


  • Must have an eligible Visa.
  • One must meet additional requisites of the relevant stream.
  • Must be under the age of 50 years.
  • The individual must have a qualification in a CRICOS registered course.
  • For the post-study workstream, the applicant must hold a higher education degree.
  • For graduate workstream, the individual must relate to an occupation that is listed on the skilled occupation list.

Note: If you are the main applicant of the Visa, then the applicant and anybody else covered by the applicant must be in Australia at the time when one applies for the Visa and when Visa is finalized.


  • For the graduate workstream, one can stay up to 18 months.
  • For the post-study work stream, one can stay for 2-4 years.


From AUD1650*

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482-Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

Temporary skill shortage Visa or TSS Visa, allows employers to address labor shortages by bringing the skilled workers from foreign when they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian resident to do the job. However, it ensures that Australian workers get the priority. The visa holders of TSS can work in Australia in their nominated job for their approved sponsor under one of the three below mentioned schemes:

  • The labor agreement stream
  • The medium-term stream
  • The short term stream


  • Applicant should meet the skills requirements to fill in the position which is selected by an approved business of an approved occupation.


  • Depending upon one’s nominated occupation visa stream and their circumstances they can stay for 1-4 years.


From AUD 1265*


This Visa type allows the individual to own and manage a business in Australia, under the Business Innovation Scheme. The Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Visa also lets one undertake an entrepreneurial task in Australia, under the entrepreneur stream. This Visa also enables the Visa holder to conduct the business and investment activity in Australia which falls under the Investor Stream, the significant investor stream and premium investor stream.


  • One must be invited by the government to apply for the Visitor work stay Visa.
  • One must meet the requirements and additional qualities of the relevant stream.
  • One should be nominated by an eligible government organization to get the skilled nominated visa.
  • Under the business innovation stream, the individual must have some experience in the field of operating a business or must be owning some business.
  • Under the Investor stream, one must have at least 1.5 million AUD to invest in Australia.
  • Under the Significant Investor stream, one must have at least 5 million AUD to invest in a business or venture in Australia.
  • Under the premium investor stream, one must have at least 15 million AUD to invest in a venture or business in Australia.


  • 4 years and 3 months

Visa Cost:

From AUD5375*

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